Our Purpose

Experts. Robust. Impact.

We use evidence to inform policy and practice to improve education.

We know the lives of children and young people worldwide are inextricably linked to the amount and quality of education they receive. At NFER, our mission is to improve outcomes for future generations everywhere and to support positive change across education systems. We do this by creating and sharing research evidence and insights on education policy and practice, informing policymakers and other key decision makers, and strengthening practice in classrooms.

Our objectives are to be:

  • influential in driving education policy and practice
  • at the heart of supporting and delivering ‘evidence-based’ education
  • a company capable of generating new and creative insights based on robust evidence
  • a flourishing and growing business that can invest in the evidence base
  • confident in our work and constantly looking outwards to build relationships and make an impact.

Our Research

We carry out a wide range of research and evaluations to answer key questions about education, in the UK and internationally. We work with a range of clients, including government departments and agencies at international, national and local levels, third sector organisations, NGOs, private and public companies, employers and other organisations with an interest in education; all of whom benefit from the full range of our expert and professional services.

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Our Resources

Working with one-third of primary schools across the UK, we are an international leader in the development of high-quality tests and assessment tools. Our resources are informed by a sound knowledge of children’s development, curricula, teacher and parent needs and underpinned by rigorous trialling and psychometrics.

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Our Impact

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation we invest any surplus funds directly back into our programme of research and development to address key questions in education. This programme of work delivers new knowledge to help build better futures, increasing our impact and support for policy makers and practitioners and helping decision makers identify the best policies and practices that can improve outcomes for our young people.

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