Our Philosophy

Community. Sociability. Responsibility.

We care about what we do and the impact we make.

At NFER, we believe that success depends on great minds not thinking alike. Our work relies on the constant sharing of knowledge and the generation of fresh ideas. So we have a collaborative approach that recognises people’s individual strengths, respects their expertise and enables them to develop a variety of solutions.

We employ talented people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Some are former teachers or have held a range of roles in the wider education policy and publishing field, while others transfer their skills from different sectors but a passion for the transformative power of education is core to our success. Others join us straight from school or university, bringing with them raw talent that we can harness and nurture.

No matter what you do, you’ll find an atmosphere designed to encourage open minds and attitudes.

The NFER Community

We seek out ways to engage and inspire each other, be it at our Annual Staff Conference Day where we come together to learn both about the work of the Foundation and discover colleagues' skills outside of work, or at our monthly programme of seminars where we share the latest thinking and findings in the world of research and education.

We celebrate our successes, create occasions to socialise, and offer a diverse range of activities including yoga, walking and running groups, t’ia-chi and table tennis tournaments.

Staff Council

The NFER Staff Council represents the views of all those who work for NFER through elected representatives. It meets regularly to provide feedback on issues relating to working conditions and to suggest ideas for improving the working environment.

Safety, Health and Environment Policy

We recognise and accept our responsibilities as an employer to provide a safe working environment for all employees, visitors and contractors, and to minimise the environmental impact of our activities. We encourage everyone to become involved and to actively participate in developing excellent safety, health and environmental systems.

Social Committee

The Social Committee arranges interesting, educational and enjoyable social events for NFER staff, including some activities for the families of staff to take part in. The committee includes active members from all areas of NFER and has an annual budget that funds events. The committee also organises and funds two major events each year – the traditional Christmas lunch and the summer staff conference.


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