Globalisation Programme: International Corporate Readiness Consultant.

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Globalisation Programme: International Corporate Readiness Consultant.

In August 2020, NFER established a Globalisation Programme (GP) to manage its transformation to a global organisation that strengthens education systems worldwide. Through the activities of the GP, NFER intends to be operating effectively at scale in priority international markets within the next 5 -10 years.

This is an ambitious goal which requires NFER to develop and build its technical and commercial offer for priority international markets in high, middle and low income countries. Underpinning the development of NFER’s technical and commercial offer, will be ensuring that NFER’s corporate systems and procedures are fit for these markets. This will involve reviewing, strengthening and building new systems and procedures for the effective and efficient delivery of NFER’s research, evaluation and assessment products and services in these markets.

We are seeking a suitably qualified consultant/s to undertake a review of our existing corporate systems and capabilities. Utilising the analysis from this review, the consultant/s will subsequently produce a blue print for a future corporate and operational model and design a programme to build it. The consultant/s should draw on industry tested models and best practice for operating effectively in a range of contexts overseas, with different levels of complexity and challenge

The consultancy will run for up to 6 months with the latest start date being 4th January 2021 and the latest end date, 30 June 2021.

Profile of Consultant/s Required
NFER expects the consultant or team of consultants to demonstrate excellent skills and experience according to the criteria below:
• Experience of working in a senior, operationally focussed role in an international organisation operating in education or adjacent sectors to NFER’s area of work, for example research, consultancy, market research, or operations in human-centred sectors (such as education, health, or social protection)
• Experience in developing new systems and capabilities to facilitate business growth and efficiency
• Experience working in low and middle income countries and with development sector partners and clients (or in a corporate environment that is geared up for such work).
• Experience in strategic leadership and delivery in at least one of the following areas: data collection systems and security, legal, finance, HR, strategic partnerships, risk management.
• Experience of working with a range of stakeholders in a complex business environment
• Highly developed analytical capabilities and the ability to generate persuasive, well-evidence plans.
• An effective communicator and good listening skills.
• Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills, and the ability to build consensus.

Please review the full Terms of Reference available on the link above.

Responding to this TOR
If you are interested in carrying out this assignment please provide by midnight Wednesday 2nd December a work proposal which contains the following components:
• A short description of your proposed approach to the three phases of the work including process and time frame and number of days for each
• A summary of skills and experience which makes you suitable for the assignment together with a CV showing relevant previous assignments and clients. Please indicate how the examples are relevant to this assignment and provide two references that we can contact.
• A fee quote and rationale for consultant’s time and any other costs that will be charged in undertaking this assignment. The quote should include a daily fee rate and expected number of days required to complete the activities.

We are open to considering non UK based consultants or firms.


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